Air purifier vs. opening the windows: What’s best?[

Air purifier vs. opening the windows: What’s best?[

Air purifier vs. opening the windows: What’s best?[

If you are considering buying an air purifier, you probably should get all the facts before making that purchase. These handy little devices don’t come cheap, but then again, if you are looking at improving your home environment you shouldn’t be thinking about the money it would cost. Here, we take a look at the difference between simply opening a window or having an air purifier and make a case for why it is best to have a balance between the two. Depending on your individual home circumstances, of course! Let’s see what is best for natural and purified air.

Natural Air By Way of Opening a Window

Opening windows is cost effective and practical way of getting fresh air.

There is no way of getting past having some form of ventilation in your home. Leaving doors and windows closed the whole time will leave your place stuffy. If you live in a very humid area, even more, the reason to have some sort of ventilation. Humid and wet climates is an ideal source for airborne germs and diseases. These weather conditions are also a trigger for mold. If you have no ventilation, no window open, you might end up with moldy linen and clothes within a couple of days.

If you enjoy making an indoors fire every now and then, having natural ventilation is probably the best way to go. We know, nothing sets the atmosphere quite like a cozy fireplace in the middle of winter, but please be aware that the gases transmitted is very harmful and cases of death due to poor ventilation have been recorded.

Activities such as cooking and smoking can leave an odor in the house – opening a window could help to get rid of it but these types of odors can be very stubborn and difficult to get rid of. Not to mention the permanent damage caused by smoking indoors. Ceilings and walls are permanently stained.

Air Purification by Means of an Air Purifier

To ensure that we get rid of most pollutants and dust particles, you need an air purifier.

Air purification removes most pollutants and up to 99% of dust particles in the air. These devices take the air in the immediate environment and clean it up for healthier air consumption. This in means that the output you are left with is fresher, cleaner, and better for your health.

Air purifiers have also been known to reduce harmful chemicals or smoke (tobacco and natural fire), meaning whether you are smoking indoors or making a fire in the fireplace you are left with clean, crisp, fresh air.

You are also left with an odorless home, so if you have pets, smoke, or live next to a rubbish dump, you are blessed with access to fresh air that doesn’t smell awful. Air purifiers are also fantastic for removing harmful elements in the natural air that can aggravate symptoms of asthma or allergies.

In a nutshell, buying an air purifier for a specific purpose is all good and well. Just be sure to do the necessary research before buying one. Another point to consider is the fact that it is best to decide between the two (window or air purifier) and stick to it. Studies have shown that air purifiers don’t work as effectively when a window or door is left open.

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