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Why do you need an Air cleaner?

Studies have proven that indoor air is often more polluted than outdoors. The amounts of several indoor pollutants can be as far as 20 ~ 30 times higher than outdoors. These findings are much more important once you realize that most individuals spend 75 ~ 90 percent of their time indoors. A fantastic quality Electronic Air Cleaner filters outside that the air pollutants, giving residents cleaner and healthier air to breath.

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Top 5 Reasons why you should Purify Air

Air Purifier

There are many reasons why you should purify the air around you, and all of them boil down to the fact that purer the air better the life conditions will be for the ones who inhabit the home or attend the place that has an efficient air purifier. Who doesn’t like breathing better? Who doesn’t like to feel that sensation of clean air around the face? Those are purely rhetoric questions for we all know the answers.

Well, knowing that the core reason you should purify air is basically that pure air is simply better than impure air, let’s start this small list of ours with this fundamental truth.

Air Purifier

Pure air is better:

OK, but why? Why exactly is pure air better than impure air? It sounds better, but I want to know the reasons, I want facts.

I understand you and I will begin showing you the definition of pure that lies inside Cambridge’s online dictionary. It is there that A pure substance is not mixed with anything else. It’s also there that pure means clean and healthy. It can also mean complete and only. This may seem to complicate things a little bit, especially because of the first definition, since toxic gases can also be pure, but if we keep in mind that we’re talking about purifiers we can infer that the pure air purifiers refer to is the kind of pure that means clean and healthy. That’s self-explanatory, now isn’t it? If the air is clean the environment will be more hygienic, therefore healthier. How can that be bad?

It may lead to a weakening of our organism, you may say, to grow accustomed to such clean environments. We would be in danger if we ever need to breathe impure air for our body would have forgotten how to deal with those sorts of threats.

To that I respond that we’re talking about homes and workplaces here, not about enclosing cities within giant bubbles.

It helps with Asthma and other respiratory problems:

Having a family member that suffers from asthma living with you can be a pretty intense experience, not to mention the case of you being the asthmatic person in the house – though we know most parents would rather have the sad health conditions of their child. Respiratory problems, in general, are terrifying because they often leave the ailing out of air and it’s not guaranteed the air will return to their lungs. An air purifier, if properly used, can effectively reduce those airless nights.

It elevates the mood:

There must be something at a quantic level that makes dirty environments seem gloomy and sort of dangerous, so the cleaner the place the better. It is a good start to clean the air seems it not?

It will make you breathe better:

Even if you’re not an asthmatic you would certainly benefit from the cleaned air. You would breathe better, among other things, and who breathes better can relax more easily and can concentrate without tons of difficulty. It’s a fine bargain.

You and your family will sleep better:

No more little dusty annoyances flying through the bedroom into your nose and making you or the ones you love suddenly sneeze in the night.

Sweet dreams.

5 Things to Consider when Buying an Air Purifier

We can be pretty impulsive when the time to buy something new comes in our life. There are people who just go around buying stuff they don’t even know if they need or that they don’t even know if they truly desire. For too many buying is just something you do without proper thinking. I’m not here to tell you how to spend your wealth, I’m here to give you five things to consider when purchasing an air purifier. So if you are the kind of person who thinks before acquiring and you have an air purifier on sight, this is for you.

Air Purifier

Make sure you have enough space for it:

This seems to be a rather obvious point but trust me a little bit about this. Sometimes we buy things not knowing if they will fit well in our environment. I know this is more common with tables, sofas, and desks, and I am aware air purifiers are not particularly big but you may be surprised if you buy one without taking the location where you’ll put it under serious consideration, especially if you have pets or any difficult child.

Make sure you need one:

If you live in a big city having an air purifier probably is a good idea. The air in those places is dirty because of all the vehicles, buildings and all, but if you live in the country by the lake come on, you need not an air purifier. I mean sure there must be imperfections, so to speak, flying around, but is it worth to spend money on this kind of device when living in a place that is clean and right next to nature? My suggestion? Save the money or buy anything you do need.

Asthma + Big City? Get one:

Do you or someone in your family have asthma? Do you live in a big city? If the answers are positive to both questions then you might seriously consider buying one of those. Air purifiers are recommended for homes that have asthmatic persons. That’s it. Asthma plus big city? Think harder about getting one of those.

Make sure you won’t have problems cleaning its filters:

Air purifiers, like almost everything else, must be properly cleaned, and while keeping the shining glare of your unit may not be that hard, cleaning its filters on the other hand may prove to be more work than you thought you would have. Of course you can hire someone to do the job for you, just keep in mind that this is a job that must be done regularly otherwise the thing will have the opposite effect to the one stated on the box.

Make sure you will feel better with the purchase:

Sometimes we need to buy something but we don’t want to buy that, we’d rather have other product for that amount of money, or we’d rather save said money. If you don’t have any urgent needs for an air purifier and is thinking about buying one for unclear reasons then don’t. Not now, maybe later.

It is a nice thing to have around though.

Air purifier vs. opening the windows: What’s best?[

Clean air at home is essential.

If you are considering buying an air purifier, you probably should get all the facts before making that purchase. These handy little devices don’t come cheap, but then again, if you are looking at improving your home environment you shouldn’t be thinking about the money it would cost. Here, we take a look at the difference between simply opening a window or having an air purifier and make a case for why it is best to have a balance between the two. Depending on your individual home circumstances, of course! Let’s see what is best for natural and purified air.

Natural Air By Way of Opening a Window

Opening windows is cost effective and practical way of getting fresh air.

There is no way of getting past having some form of ventilation in your home. Leaving doors and windows closed the whole time will leave your place stuffy. If you live in a very humid area, even more, the reason to have some sort of ventilation. Humid and wet climates is an ideal source for airborne germs and diseases. These weather conditions are also a trigger for mold. If you have no ventilation, no window open, you might end up with moldy linen and clothes within a couple of days.

If you enjoy making an indoors fire every now and then, having natural ventilation is probably the best way to go. We know, nothing sets the atmosphere quite like a cozy fireplace in the middle of winter, but please be aware that the gases transmitted is very harmful and cases of death due to poor ventilation have been recorded.

Activities such as cooking and smoking can leave an odor in the house – opening a window could help to get rid of it but these types of odors can be very stubborn and difficult to get rid of. Not to mention the permanent damage caused by smoking indoors. Ceilings and walls are permanently stained.

Air Purification by Means of an Air Purifier

To ensure that we get rid of most pollutants and dust particles, you need an air purifier.

Air purification removes most pollutants and up to 99% of dust particles in the air. These devices take the air in the immediate environment and clean it up for healthier air consumption. This in means that the output you are left with is fresher, cleaner, and better for your health.

Air purifiers have also been known to reduce harmful chemicals or smoke (tobacco and natural fire), meaning whether you are smoking indoors or making a fire in the fireplace you are left with clean, crisp, fresh air.

You are also left with an odorless home, so if you have pets, smoke, or live next to a rubbish dump, you are blessed with access to fresh air that doesn’t smell awful. Air purifiers are also fantastic for removing harmful elements in the natural air that can aggravate symptoms of asthma or allergies.

In a nutshell, buying an air purifier for a specific purpose is all good and well. Just be sure to do the necessary research before buying one. Another point to consider is the fact that it is best to decide between the two (window or air purifier) and stick to it. Studies have shown that air purifiers don’t work as effectively when a window or door is left open.

10 Benefits of an Air Purifier For Your Home

Having an air purifier at home is proven to be beneficial in so many ways.

Breathing is key to life. If we stop breathing, we die. If we keep breathing in polluted air, this could be detrimental to our health and quality of life. At the rate climate change and global warming are progressing, our respiratory health should be top priority right now. Our cities are filled with smoke and pollution, decreasing the quality of air that we have to inhale and increasing the number of people with respiratory health issues. There is no price tag that can be attached to health.

Nowadays a lot of people are purchasing air purifiers. Some buy it for health reasons, others for hygiene. But why should you consider buying an air purifier? What kind of difference would it make to your home? Whether you want to reduce pollutants in the air, rid your room of smelly odors, or improve your overall health, all of these definitely are valid reasons to consider purchasing an air purifier. In this post, we look at the top 10 benefits of having an air purifier in your home. So if you are sitting on the fence, you’ll have a clear idea of what to expect when buying one.

#1 It Cleans the Air

A clean air is a basic human need for survival.

Did you know that air purifiers remove dust particles from the air? That’s right! It purifies the air by removing dust particles of 0.3 microns and reducing the dust by up to 99%. This means the air that you inhale is 99% dust-free, clean and fresh!

#2 Preservation of Furniture and Decor

Appliances and furniture easily deteriorates with pollutants and dust particles.

By removing dust particles, your furniture and decor are protected and kept dust-free. This prolongs the life expectancy of expensive items. Please note that air purifiers do not act as cleaners, so you are still going to have to clean fabrics and furniture.

#3 Beneficial to People Who Suffer From Asthma and Allergies

People with asthma and allergies need clean and purified air for survival.

If you have asthma or if you are prone to hay fever, getting an air purifier is a fantastic solution to minimise discomfort. Because the air is purified and dust removed, allergies and certain irritations are minimized.

#4 Rids Rooms of Bad Odours

Having a smelly room is very embarrassing, thus, the need for air purification at home.

If you have pets like cats with litter bowls, you should know that it can become very smelly, even if cleaned regularly. Air purifiers not only removes dust particles but also clears the air of unwanted odors. Just imagine enjoying the benefit of breathing in sweet, clean, fresh air!

#5 Removes Smoke and Tobacco Odour

Smoke particles attach to our fabric and furniture at home, making the smell almost unbearable to live with.

If you live with a smoker, or smoke yourself, second-hand smoke can be very harmful to your loved ones’ health. Air purifiers reduce the toxicity levels of a room where tobacco products are used. It even reduces smoke levels of fireplaces. This benefit is twofold – you won’t have a stinky, smoky home anymore, plus the rest of your household will have access to cleaner, healthier smoke-free air.

#6 Reduces Fire Hazards

Air purifiers keep the particles in the air clean and pure and remove any elements that can trigger a fire.

If you make use of gas or own gas or electric heaters, having an air purifier in the house can reduce the chances of a house fire. Air purifiers keep the particles in the air clean and pure and remove any elements that can trigger a fire.

#7 Reduces General Maintenance

Dirty air leads to dirty ceiling and molds.

Before you get too excited, air purifiers do not replace general maintenance completely, but it reduces it. Instead of having to repaint your kitchen walls every year or two, your walls will have a longer lifespan, thanks to the air purifier. Less discoloration of walls and ceilings means not needing to paint them that often, saving some money for your pocket.

#8 Reduces Housekeeping Time

Air purifiers keep dust particles away.

As mentioned before, air purifiers reduce dust particles by at least 99%. Now, this doesn’t mean that you won’t have to dust your furniture ever again, but rather you won’t have to do housework as often anymore. Save some time and do something you love instead of spending too much time cleaning.

#9 Removes General Bad Odours

Bad odors are detrimental to our health and well-being.

If you live in a complex or block of apartments, you can probably smell whatever it is your neighbors are cooking for dinner each night. If you have a medicine cabinet in your bathroom that’s filled with chronic medicine your bathroom probably smells like a hospital. Having an air purifier in these situations will neutralize the air and remove those odors automatically, leaving the air in your home pleasant, clean, and a pleasure to inhale.

#10 Removes Pollutants From the Air

Air pollution is everywhere.

Lastly and also obviously, air purifiers acts as purifiers that remove pollutants from the air. These include all types of pollutants and air-borne germs. Certain ionic air purifiers make use of carbon filtration that removes unpleasant odors, circulating clean and fresh air in your home. This will increase your family’s overall health.

Buying an air purifier is a big decision to make. There are a lot of factors to consider before committing to buying one. For instance, you’ll have to be certain of the reasons why you want to buy an air purifier. There are tons of different products on the market, and doing your homework will help you pick the right one for you.

Do your homework and be 100% sure that the air purifier you want to purchase matches your expectations and needs. An air purifier suitable for removal of bad odors will be way different than one that is specifically geared towards purifying the air and removing pollutants for people who suffer from allergies and asthma.

Having said that, it is a very exciting purchase to make! So go on, open up your browser, get a pen and paper and make notes of all the different types of purifiers, their specifications and functions straight away. You’ll be surprised at the variety of products that are available on the market – you can literally just specify your needs and find one that fits it.

We hope you’ve found this article helpful in making your decision on whether or not to buy an air purifier. Remember, there are so many benefits to having an air purifier, there really is no reason you shouldn’t consider buying one.

5 Outstanding natural air purifiers for your home

There are many ways to naturally purify the air at home.

If you are concerned about the quality of the air you have indoors at home and you just can’t commit to buying a top-of-the-range air purifier just yet, you should be very pleased to know that mother nature has provided us with plenty sources of natural air purifiers. This means your pocket doesn’t get much lighter while you are able to enjoy fresher, cleaner, crisper air at home. Even if you are not considering buying an air purifier, there are loads of benefits to purifying the air that can’t be overlooked. In this piece, we discover and discuss 5 natural ways of purifying the air in your home. Let’s get started!

#1 Thinking Green Means Getting More House Plants

Green plants are not only for decorative purposes, it also enhances the quality of air at home.

This is about just as natural as you can get – promise! If you have greenery in your house, you’ll be happy to know that these plants are actively purifying the air in your home, 24/7. Houseplants are also considered the best natural air purifiers to have in your home.

#2 Let Air Flow Freely With Natural Ventilation

Good ventilation is a necessity nowadays.

Probably a no-brainer for most, but having access to natural air while indoors is rather important. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not suggesting you simply open more windows and allow polluted air from outside into your home. Oh no. there are other ways of removing unwanted elements in the air in a cost-effective and natural way. Consider installing trickle vents or exhaust fans that will suck all the pollutants and moisture heavy air out.

#3 Can the Candles and Switch to Beeswax Candles

Beeswax candles actively purifies the air.

We all love to enhance the ambiance of our home. Whether by way of incense or candlelit dinners. Did you know that general wax candles could be harmful to your respiratory health? Try to switch over to beeswax candles. As a natural product, given to us from mother nature herself, beeswax candles will actively purify the air. They burn longer and is known to reduce the number of harmful pollutants and dust from the air.

#4 Enhance Ambiance With a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps remove pollutants and negative elements from the air.

These gifts from nature can beautify any space, but also naturally purifies the air. These lamps remove pollutants and negative elements by way of pulling the toxins from the area and cleanse it.

#5 Breathe Easier With Essential Oils

The natural ingredients in essential oils kill germs and harmful pollutants alike.

Add your favorite flavor essential oil to cleaning aids and, bam! You have an instant, natural air purifier. The natural ingredients in essential oils kill germs and harmful pollutants alike. If this sounds like the best natural solution for you, be sure to include oregano, clove, tea tree, rosemary and thyme on your essential oils shopping list!

And there you have it! All natural products that will help you in your battle to get the air in your home cleaner and less polluted for your family. Did you find any of these tips helpful? Do you know of any other natural products that can purify the air? Please share your thoughts in the comment sections below!

The Surprising Benefits of Air Purifiers

air purifiers

As we continue to pollute the world every day with more and more technical advancements, we make the world a lot less desirable. The Air around the globe has taken a beating and is nor fit for respiration in many metropolitan cities. To counter the ill-effects of air pollution people have started using air purifies that improve the quality of the air indoors. So, should you buy one too? Here are some of the surprising benefits of air purifiers to help you decide if you want to buy a new air purifier.

air purifiers

Impact on Cardiovascular health:

Very heave pollution in the air can cause severe breathing problems. But some health conditions caused by air pollution are more severe than the others, and carotid artery diseases pose a significant threat to people. Short-term exposure can increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, arrhythmias and heart failure according to one study. This, in essence, translates that if you happen to live in a densely populated area, you are facing the risk of the cardiovascular condition. If you have an air purifier at home, the pure air will provide the heart to take a breather –so to say.

Better focus and mood:

Stuffy environments, be it office, school or home with unpleasant odor affect your productivity negatively. It may be hard to believe, but it is true – our ability to concentrate depends on quality of the air you breathe. Crowded and suffocating rooms can easily distract you and make you lethargic and angst.  Efficient elimination of dust, smoke, and odor will help in improving your mood several notches. Using a good air purifier can help you achieve better focus and make you feel much more youthful and energetic as well.

Avoid Respiratory Issues:

If the area where you live continues to suffer from excessive pollution, you may face respiratory issues in the end. You can safeguard yourself and your loved ones by investing in an air purifier.

Get into healthy sleeping cycles:

Respiratory problems caused by pollution can lead to sleep disorders like apnea, insomnia, and excessive snoring. Without proper medical attention, these diseases can become disasters. Using an air purifier will ensure availability of more oxygen. This means your body will be able to breathe more naturally and more oxygen will be pumping through your body.

Even when working out if you don’t get good quality air you are likely to be fatigued and perpetually tired. On the other hand, if you happen to use an air purifier at home or the gym during a workout you will feel refreshed and ready to take on the world.

Using a proper air purifier can help those with pets to remove skin dander and odor left behind by pets and dogs. This is helpful to people with allergic reactions to animals. Air purifiers are also excellent at removing pungent odors that permeate throughout the house from the kitchen. Air purifiers also keep in check pollen and other particles, which are known to cause hay fever.

Top 5 Best Rated Home Air Purifiers for 2017

air purifiers

People are fast realizing that air purifying can be very beneficial to their health and well-being. Like any other product, there is a wide variety of air purifiers in the market for you to choose from. The difference is not merely cosmetic; there are different technologies in air purification. Most air purifiers are compact and have high-efficiency components. The price of the purifiers start at as little as $50 and may cost more than $1000 in some cases. So which are the best air purifiers in the industry today?

air purifiers

1. Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0:

Rabbit Air BioGS 2.0 boasts of advanced filtering technology, low maintenance, and long-term efficiency. Equipped with such technologies as a permanent washable pre-filter, an advanced granular activated carbon filter, the air purifier is regarded highly for its splendid performance. The granular activated carbon filter with a higher quantum of activated carbon plays a vital role in filtering odors and harmful gases. The air purifier needs filter changes only once in three years. The one disadvantage of the model is its initial cost of ownership, which may put off buyers.

2. Coway AP-1512HH Mighty:

The Coway AP-1512HH Mighty has a four-step filtration system including a HEPA filter for small particles. One major advantage of the model is it is much more affordable to own than the previous model we have considered.  While it lacks a granular activated carbon filter, it has an auto mode which makes it pretty convenient to use. The machine also makes lesser noise compared to some of its competitors. The product requires filter change about every year.

3. Airmega 400S:

The Airmega has the most advanced cleaning technology and also boasts of a sophisticated user interface. It is one of the most expensive machines to own, and running costs are too high as filter changes are required every year. While most air purifiers have only one HEPA filter, the Airmega has two green HEPA filters. The Airmega draws in air from two sides and discharges purified air from the top. This ensures better airflow throughout the room. The air purifier has several smart features that the owners will relish. It has air quality sensor that adjusts the fan speed and light sensors that dim the lights at night and reduced the noise. The device even has its app on Android, and you can control the airmega from anywhere in the world. The machine also boasts of a five-year warranty period.

4.Winix 5500-2:

The Winix 5500 may be considered the best value for money proposition as it offers excellent purifying tech at a reasonable price. The device uses washable micromesh pre-fiber, granular activated carbon filter and a true HEPA filter for right purifying tasks. Though priced cheaper the Winix has several features that are seen only on higher-end models. The filters have to be changed every year but are priced reasonably.

5. PureZone 3-in-1:

Priced at just about a $100 the Purezone is an excellent option for people looking for quality air at an affordable price. The device uses a 3-in-one filter which is to be replaced every six months. It uses a UV light to kill bacteria after the air has gone through the three-in-one filter.

10 ways to get cleaner air in your home

air purifiers

You will be surprised to know that your indoor air quality is probably worse than the air outside. We are always very concerned about the air pollution outside. But we give very little thought to the air pollution inside our home. If you have pets in your house, then the quality of air will be poor. Dust mites, mold, and various allergens can also lower the quality of indoor air. In most houses, there are stoves, ovens, furnaces and other gas and electrical appliances. These give off gases and thus pollute the air. It is essential that you take steps to purify the air inside your home. Here are some ideas for you.

This woman breathes natural and clean air.

Improve ventilation

You must improve the ventilation of air so that the air circulation is good. Keeping the windows open is not a good idea because there are pollutants outside like dust emissions from the car, etc. that might get into the house. Instead, you can take the advantage of ‘trickle ventilation’. It is a high screen having filters. You can easily attach it to your windows. This way fresh air will get in, but the pollutants will stay out.


Having plants in the house can keep the indoor air clean. Plants take in the harmful carbon dioxide in the air and give off oxygen. Apart from carbon dioxide, plants can also get rid of benzene, trichloroethane, formaldehyde and other harmful substances from the air. Peace Lily, Bamboo Palm, Lady Palm, etc. are good houseplants.

Air filters

You can have HEPA filters to get rid of the pollutants in the air. You can use in on your central air system or use it as a portable air purifier. You will have good health if you have a HEPA filter in your home.

Have clean bed

You must clean your bedding regularly. Every week you must change your bed sheets and pillow. You can buy pillow protectors that will keep you safe from dust mites and allergens.

Avoid using air fresheners

A study has proved that air fresheners or air sanitizers contain substances like butane, acetone, formaldehyde and other harmful substances. When these are released into the air, you may have a serious respiratory illness. So, instead of using chemical sprays you should let the fresh air get in by opening your windows. This way the bad odor inside your house will also go away. You can also use baking soda and sliced lemon to get rid of the bad smell.

Use beeswax candles

These are natural air purifiers. You shouldn’t use paraffin candles to light up your place as these release harmful substances in the air, like benzene. The beeswax candles neutralize the toxic substances in the air.These candles give off less smoke and burns for longer hours.

Essential oils

Essential oils like rosemary, cinnamon, clove, etc. kill virus, bacteria, mold, and fungi. You can keep your home germ-free by using essential oils.

Keep floors clean

You should clean up your floor with microfiber mops so that even the tiniest dirt is picked up. You must place a floor mat in front of your doors so that people can wipe their shoes on the mat before getting inside the house or room.

Test level of radon

There is a radon problem in every home, whether old or new. This gas can cause lung cancer. Radon gas enters your home through holes and cracks. If you have granite counter-tops then you have higher chances of having radon in the air. You should arrange for a radon test and try to reduce the level of radon in air. You can hire a professional for the work.

Use air conditioning system or a dehumidifier

If the humidity of your room is high, then there will be dust mites. It is recommended that you keep your air humidity less than 30% or 35%. If you use air conditioning then you will be able to lower your air humidity level. You can use dehumidifier also.

It is very important to keep the air inside your home clean. Otherwise, you might have a number of health issues like asthma, colds, headaches, allergies, bronchitis, etc. You should do a thorough cleaning of your house every week. If necessary, hire a professional cleaner to do a deep cleaning of the house. If you think there is pest infestation in your home then you should call in professional pest controllers to get rid of them. You should try to use fragrance-free detergents to wash your clothes and bedsheets. You should make your home smoke-free as well. By keeping your air clean you will be able to provide a healthy environment for your family to live. There will be fewer diseases and you will stay healthy all the time.

Widest Range Of Air Purifiers


Home 90%
Health Care 85%
Institutions 90%
Industry 95%